Freedom is Never Free

Letter to you


these are all the things i’ll never say to you. mostly because i don’t know how. can you really take a look at “us”? what were we? where was that deep rooted passion that is supposed to be there? i was your security blanket…at least you were mine. i think we were empty. you started out empty, so how could i ever fill you? it’s not me that needs to find myself…it’s you. i realized that you’ll never look in my eyes and touch my soul. you’ll never touch my hand and reach my heart. i wish you could have, but you can’t. you want everything to just happen for you….life doesn’t work that way. you have to work for it, give it everything you have. you have to hit and embrace rock bottom. it’s all too plain. you were so plain that you were complicated.

i want something to intricate and intertwined…that it’s plain.

i’m sorry